Monday, January 31, 2011


Surry Hills isn't what it used to be. I remember the days when the ambulance would pull up in front of the Carrington Hotel most mornings and the local drag queens would line the street. Although I was only a mere 10 years old I still loved Surry Hills even more for the fact that it was so eccentric and different to any other area in the city. 12 years on and 10 thousand pregnant women later Surry Hills is definitely a lot more conservative these days and due to the increasingly heavy influx of people to the area it has resulted in new restaurants, cafes, bars, clothing boutiqes and now a cycle path. In theory the idea of this new cycle path is great. It means less cars on the road and less pollution. But with the loss of parking, the slow pace at which the works are being carried out and the new one way direction of Bourke St it seems almost impossible for people to access the area, resulting in the demise of independant local businesses. So my question to you is... cycle or psycho?


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