Monday, May 30, 2011


'Calamari fritti' - Fried calamari is one of the most classic summer seafood dishes in Italy: Golden rings people eagerly squeeze lemon wedges over, and eat quickly for fear that they'll get less than their share of. ($15)

'Polenta con funghi' - Polenta, as cornmeal is known in Italy, came to popularity in Roman times when it was eaten as a basic porridge. Its origins as a peasant dish have now been displaced by its availability in many italian restaurants today. It is very versatile and can be served alongside a variety of other foods. We're serving our polenta with a mushroom ragu topped off with shaved parmesan. ($14)

'Rotolo di pasta ripieno' - This dish is one of Italy's less obvious pasta dishes, but it can be a real show-stopper. Hailing from the region of Emilia-Romagna, at the top of the Italian boot, the dish consists of a sheet of pasta covered with filling (pumpkin, spinach & ricotta), rolled up to form a roulade, then poached and served in slices with burnt butter & sage. ($26)

'Pork chops' - Pork is extremely popular in Italy and with winter approaching what better way to spend your evening dining with us at il baretto for our delicious Pork chop glazed in beer & honey and served with a sauteed spinach and crouton salad. It's finger licking good! ($28)

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